Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lush Haul

I am not a bath person, or wasn't a bath person I should say....
mainly because I hate my bath tub :P 
But in the past 4 months or so I have become obsessed!
so much so that my friend now says "ugh you and your baths"
This new found love for baths isnt due to my getting a new tub, but entirely due to the fact that I love LUSH!
Here are a few things I picked up through February & March from Lush :) Enjoy!

Yuzu & Cocoa
Bubble Bar $5.95CAD
it is described as a "chocolate orange" scent but I don't particularly smell any chocolate
Seriously smells like Satsuma & it is amazing, one of my favourite bubble bars.
provides frothy bubbles & a creamy, moisturizing (but not oily) bath

Magic Mushroom
Bubble Bar $4.95CAD
Described as a "stawberries & cream" scent, which I would say is fairly accurate
Unfortunately this is only apart of the Valentine's collection (I literally bought 8)
This blows because this is hands down my favourite lush PRODUCT not just bubble bar of all time.
provides white bubbles with a purple hue, and bright coral water...
your water feels like liquid silk & leaves you feeling clean, refreshed and moisturized

Creamy Candy
Bubble Bar $7.25CAD
The scent is of Vanilla & Cotton Candy.. and it is a very very sweet scent
this isnt something I would normally pick for myself as it was gifted to me
BUT it has grown on me and I can actually appreciate the scent
it has chunks of cocoa butter in it, so it is similar to a bath melt.
 A little too moisturizing for me (water a bit oily) but nice if you are looking for something like this!

I cant remember the name of this... Kiss the Frog or something :S
Bath Bomb $6.25CAD
A super fresh scent, smells like spring to me :) I keep my lush in my closet, which now smells like a dream!
this is supposed to give you frothy water and provide you with a refreshing, soothing bath

Rock Star
Soap $7.95CAD (depends on size of chunk)
this pairs really well with the Creamy Candy bubble bar shown above!
again a vanilla & cotton candy scented soap.
Really moisturizing, if you have dry hands or skin I would recommend this!
I prefer the scent in the soap version more than the bubble bar
I would be more likely to repurchase the soap again than the bubble bar

all in all a good little bundle that I have almost used up (the soap is left & the frog)
I can't wait to get some more products from their Easter collection!

until next time,


  1. I love Lush products. They're handmade, organic, and awesome product names! I'm a sucker for catchy names.

  2. I love Lush! It is difficult to be inside the store, the smell can get pretty strong... but once im home with the bombs... gosh, i love them!!! :) And it is though to pic which one to get!!!! :D The bubbles ones are my fave ones :)


  3. I always want to bite Lush soaps, those look so yummy ;)